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Not a usual diner that display fancy interior, Sheela Restaurant Langkawi emphasis on being homey. Offering the simple pleasure of home to its customers, Sheela and Willy, a husband and wife team is what makes this al-fresco dining a different one. Being utterly humble and friendly in nature, this warm diner is furnishes with lush green landscape and pond to enhance the nature sensation of the island. By lighting up candles on each table, it establishes a romantic ambience to everyone that comes by. Home-cooked by Willy himself, the awesome pizza, charcoal grilled steak, fish and chips and potato salad is the must have while you are here !

Langkawi, as known by many is a prominent beach haven that not only features great beach locations but is also the perfect shopping paradise with its duty free malls and outlets. Despite playing under the warmth of the sun, while enjoying the splashing cool seawater and being all busy with the shopping voyage, Langkawi is also great for sightseeing. Scattering around the island are some of the most interesting yet dream-liked attractions that cannot be miss like the seven wells. What’s more, the core of Kuah town itself will also leave tourist amazed with its great culture from Mahsuri’s Tomb to Oriental Village.

Sheela Restaurant Cafe

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